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About Symisc Systems.

Symisc Systems S.U.A.R.L, is a self bootstrapped startup that develops embedded and standalone software for the IT community. Our research interest includes the embedded market, network oriented applications and virtualization. Most of our embedded products including the PH7 Engine , the I2S OCR Scanner, the UnQLite Embedded Database Engine and the Jx9 Scripting Engine are Open-Source products available free of charge for Open-Source projects.
Our goal is to provide high-quality software and outstanding service without spin or sales-talk.
We're continually seeking new opportunities for innovation and growth. Feel free to browse our site, download and test our products and if you seek any support and/or information don't hesitate to contact us.

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PH7 PHP Engine

PH7 is a in-process software library that implements a highly-efficient embeddable bytecode compiler and a virtual machine for the PHP programming language. In other words,  PH7 is a PHP engine which allow the host application to compile and execute PHP programs in-process.

PH7 implements most of the constructs introduced by the PHP 5.3 release such as heredoc, nowdoc, gotos, classes, anonymous functions, closures and so on and introduces very powerful extensions to the PHP programming language such as:

  • Function & Method Overloading.

  • Full Type Hinting.

  • Introducing comma expressions.

  • Introducing the eq and ne operators for strict string comparison.

  • Improved operators precedences.

  • Powerful OO subsystem.

  • Function arguments can take any complex expressions as their default values.

  • 64-bit integer arithmetic for all platforms.

  • Native UTF-8 support.

  • PH7 is 100% hand-coded, written in ANSI C, compile and run unmodified in any platform including restricted embedded devices with a C compiler.

  • Amalgamation: All C source code for PH7 are combined into a single source file.

  • Built with more 470 function including an XML parser, INI processor, CSV reader/writer, UTF-8 encoder/decoder, zip archive extractor, JSON encoder/decoder and many more.
  • PH7 is an Open-Source product available free of charge for Open-Source projects.

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xPP Macro Processor

xPP is an embeddable, general purpose macro processor capable of miming the M4 macro processor as well the C preprocessor (CPP). A macro processor is a useful way to enhance a programming language or simple Text, HTML or XML files, to make it more palatable or more readable, or to tailor it to a particular application.

xPP takes as input an xPP template (Any UTF-8 stream) and sends this to the output via host application defined callbacks, after acting on any embedded directives, called macros making xPP the ideal choice as the first pass for your assembler or compiler and even as a simple editor for HTML or text files.

xPP feature includes:

  • Host application installable macros via C callbacks.

  • Processed input is redirected to host application defined callbacks.

  • Macros can take an unlimited number of arguments.

  • Capable of miming the M4 and/or the C pre-processor.

  • Host application can register their own macro definitions directives.

  • Native UTF-8 support.

  • built-in expression parser.

  • Conditional macros via user expressions (any complex expression).

  • xPP is thread-safe (via compile-time directives) and full re-entrant.
  • Built with more 100 powerful macros including MD5, File IO, Random number/strings, Host OS info, Date/Time, String manipulations macros and more.

  • Written in ANSI C, compile and run unmodified in any platform including restricted embedded devices with a C compiler.

  • xPP is an Open-Source product available free of charge for Open-Source projects.
The xPP Public Release will be available shortly

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