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Software Libraries Embedded in Millions of IoT Devices.

We make embedded software libraries, including but not limited to UnQLite, Jx9 and SOD that are used by thousands of developers worldwide and already embedded in hundreds of millions of IoT devices, home routers, set-top boxes, etc.

We have a growing list of SaaS applications and we’re serious about creating amazing products, practices, and open work for all teams.

Growing SaaS Business

Our SaaS business started in 2017 with the release of PixLab. Since then, Symisc has been creating custom SaaS applications for a variety of business needs.

Our award winning PixLab RESTful APIs which is shipped with a growing list of over 130 API endpoints, are used by thousands of companies to automate their Computer Vision & Media Processing tasks such as Passports & ID Scan, Content Moderation, Optical Character Recognition and so forth...

On 2021, we released FACEIO which is a Facial Authentication & Enrollment Web Widget to be installed directly on clients Websites or Webapps for secure facial recognition experience. Once installed, you'll be able to authenticate any of your users securely, and at real-time using password-less experience..

Powered by a team

Great teamwork requires more than just great tools..
With a distributed team of 14, highly skilled software engineers, dozens of contractors and three offices spawned across the globe (Tunis, R&D - Luxembourg and Texas). Our clients don't need to worry about failed projects...

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